Marry Me!

Just Kidding.! 😀


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  1. Main hu na…..

  2. You sure what to kid about it? 😛

  3. oh tell me the time and the place! btw i am toh ready only (hv just been dumped by an amazing boyfriend for being super clingy – a habit i am shamelessly proud of ) kindly reply only if you want a super nagging wife who’d give you THAT look whenever any ‘female friends’ call. (sorry babe, can’t share my guy with neone. he has to be AWL mine AWL the time! 😉 )

    • You forgot to add ‘Just kidding’ to your comment. A clinging wife sounds really tempting, but I guess I am fine without it. 😀

  4. now did you forget to add, just kidding to yours? LOL…nice blog btw. keep writing like this, and you’d have a zillion hot chicks lined up at your doorstep ready to marry you.
    till then, u might want to do away with this “marry me!” section to stop more of us from getting such ideas.
    NOT KIDDING this time. 🙂

    • or even a few million guys, maybe 😮
      hello you .. :}

      PS: great write on ishqiya

  5. I read the entire 3000 words. Send me a V-day please! 😀

  6. Are you sure you’re just kidding? Damn!
    Just kidding…
    Or am I?
    Yes, I am.
    No, I’m serious.
    Ok, ok, I am kidding…

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