What is a blog?

Heh. Anyway.

Why do you blog?


Don’t worry. You aren’t a stupid fuck and I don’t blog to make money. The cartoon is just for the effect.

I blog because:

  • I usually have something to say
  • I can type at 47 words per minute
  • I can’t think of anything else
  • Really

There is a link on the sidebar that says, “ZOMG, click here NOW”. What is that?

Don’t worry. It will not take you to any adult site that asks you for your credit card numbers. Neither will it take you to pharma websites who have medicines to cure what Asclepius and Minerva can’t.

It will take you to Comicry which is a cousin-behen(sister) of this blog. It is a webcomic(or at least trying to be a webcomic).

What is the ‘Marry Me’ page for?

It is a sociological experiment to gauge the effect of a person’s blog on his marital status.

I don’t understand your categories.

The hover text on the categories will give you a brief description of the themes of the posts under that category. Apart from that, your guess is as good as mine. *The hover text is visible when you place your mouse pointer on the category*

I subscribe to your RSS feed, is that ok?

I love you. *sniff* Email subscribers, I love you too.

To answer your question, that is ok but do consult your doctor once in a while, just in case.

Can I copy your posts?

To quote my sidebar(fondly known as Chintu):

There goes a thought by Shantanu Adhicary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

The above jargon roughly translates to: "If you copy parts of this blog without permission, I’ll hunt you down and do some legal-fu on your three-alphabets-long body part. Which doesn’t mean your leg."

In India, it means that if you have a daughter, she’ll fall in love with me in typical Bollywood style, and I’ll threaten you with dire consequences like Anil Kapoor did.

It also means that don’t copy. Don’t copy from this blog or any other blog. Plagiarism never helped anyone, you’ll end up being the judge of a crappy reality show. If you still feel like copying, at least contact the author, otherwise don’t stop here and gently pass


I’ve run out of questions. If you have any, post it in the comments section here. I’ll repeat them to myself over and over again and when they become ‘frequently’ asked, I’ll answer them here.

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  1. ’ll repeat them to myself over and over again and when they become ‘frequently’ asked, I’ll answer them here.

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