I want to go back in time… #1

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I want to go back to a time:

  • When Mobile phones were actually used for talking
  • When Rakhi Sawant wasn’t even a possibility
  • When a newspaper had more news than advertisement
  • When twittering was something left to birds
  • When Cartoon Network was fun

  • When Rock was only a wrestler
  • When Rediffmail was lighting fast and hotmail was turning cold
  • When listening to boy bands wasn’t considered sissy(for that matter gay)
  • When Shilpa Shetty had better things to do than teach yoga
  • When Sushmita Sen was beautiful
  • When Shah Rukh Khan didn’t imagine himself to be king
  • When you switched on television to watch programs, not read funny lines of text
  • When students watched MMSs but didn’t star in them
  • When Big Bazaaar meant the Sunday Market
  • When Twinkle Khanna and Sonali Bendre was single
  • When Maruti was ‘India’s’ Car
  • When Archies and Secret Seven were a rage and Harry Potter was a draft
  • When there were some science students who didn’t become an engineer
  • When mini-skirts were a myth
  • When Mallika Sherawat was Reema Lamba
  • When foreign education was what heroes got in movies
  • When you hadn’t heard of Dyslexia but knew what Lympho-sarcoma of instestines meant!

To be continued…

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