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Dear All,

As the saying goes, Planck’s constant change is the only constant in the Universe. To be in sync with the every-changing change process, I am pleased to announce that we have moved to www.Tantanoo.com.

To reduce your lifespan by several years, we urge you to show us your support and pay us a visit at Tantanoo.com. Tantanoo.com combines the stupidity of There goes a thought and the shabbiness of Comicry. It is twice as unfunny and now comes with pro-vitamin e5. Also, there is Lara Dutta in the header.

Go on. We know you want to.



The One With All The Plans

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Clearly, I’ve been watching too much Friends.

Anyway, it has been a while since I’ve posted something on this blog. Infact in 2010, I’ve treated this blog with the same indifference with which I treat Uday Chopra’s movies. Apart from a faking news post here and there, or a comic-idea at thecomicproject’s blog or a presentation for a slideshare contest, I solemnly swear that I haven’t been upto much good this year.

I’ve experienced the benefits of retail therapy and have decided to apply the same to my blogs. If you follow me on Twitter(and care to read the crap that I post), you’ll remember that I’ve bought tantanoo.com. In the days to come, I’ll be moving TGAT to tantanoo.com. To continue my blog killing spree, I’ll be shutting down Comicry.org and moving the comics that I like to tantanoo.com/comics. As of now I am struggling to setup Comicpress on tantanoo.com but I hope I’ll figure that bit out soon. I’ll also be needing some SEO gyaan(fokat ofcourse) so if you are an SEO-expert-thingy, drop some good words in the comments. Also any suggestions regarding tantanoo.com are most welcome, including the ‘you suck, stop blogging’ hints.

Tantanoo.com is an exercise in narcissism that I’ve been dying to try. Shutting Comicry down is a painful decision though, considering that it had gained a lot of publicity(not adsense revenue, mind you) in the last few months thanks to some journos. But I’ve always doubted my comicing abilities. Now that I look back, of the 100 odd comics that I’ve made I hardly like some 8 or 9 oddd comics. I don’t have a special style like say FLF, TVI or Chuck, no consistent characters and no themes. I’ve tried everything from memes to venn diagrams to toondo comics. It is because of this inconsistency that I’ve turned down offers to make comics for magazines and websites. Those jobs have gone to more worthy, deserving candidates. So instead of a separate website for my comics, I am going to club that with Tantanoo.com which should make them look like little lab experiments of my own.

Whether this is the right thing to do or not, only time will tell. But as of now, Imma gonna go forward with these plans. Yalgaar ho!

I am not dead #2

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The best thing about confusion is that it confuses you.

That is perhaps the worst first line of a blogpost. Ever. Anyway, a lot as happened over the last few months, something that can run into a blogpost as long as Shilpa Shetty’s waistline. But something, that over time, has refused to transform into a blog post at all.

To cut a long(and crushingly boring) story short, I’ve been too busy to post to this blog. I’d like to thank all 46 subscribers of this blog and some 80 odd people who decided to stay loyal to Comicry and weren’t tempted to unsubscribe. I’d also like to thank all those random men(mostly) who landed here searching for Sania Mirza’s balls and Hermionee Granger’s toilet habits. This blog’s PR update is all because of your unconditional love for the opposite sex(and sex in general). I love you all.

Like I said, the last three months have been crazy. A lot of water has flown under the proverbial bridge. Now, sitting in an air-conditioned Shatabdi express, occasionally peeping outside the window, trying to act all busy and intellectual, we must ponder over the last three months of our lives and document the events for future reminiscence.(Third person talk is fun). To keep in sync with the first line of the second paragraph, let us put bullet points to good use:

  • God’s obsession with throwing me to places that end in ‘Pur’ continued as he tossed me to Jaipur.
  • March marked the end of the ‘unemployed’ phase of my life but it hasn’t marked the end of the ‘Still poor’ phase.
  • I had always wanted to stay at a hostel and this stint in Jaipur facilitated that wish of mine.
  • I realized that while Internet Explorer has been Microsoft’s worst mistake, Solitaire and Minesweeper have redeemed MS of all its sins(except Windows Vista perhaps).
  • Tea has been served – I’ll be back in a moment.

(I have this major dislike for air-conditioned coaches. Most of my train journeys have been Darwinian struggles. More on that later. But the opulence of Shatabdi express always takes me by surprise. Though the tea isn’t half as good as its poorer counterpart, I get to charge my laptop and thus finish this blog post. So, Anyway.)

  • I’ve mostly stayed off Twitter in the last three months, which in Twitter terms can be classified as #fail. But I’ve been reading tweets and not posting any which makes me a borderline Twitter stalker. I did catch a few hashtags though, enjoyed a few of them. All in all, my Twitter karma has been at an all time low and I need to fix that asap.
  • I attended the Jaipur tweetup, happened to meet @pathfyynder and @ankit_A apart from @rupalimk(who still doesn’t know how to use a hashtag) and @kabloooie (I was sure the handle belonged to a girl till a guy with 70% of his face covered in facial hair showed up).

(I should have had a bath.)

  • Wanderlust hit bigtime as I managed to squeeze trips to Mount Abu, Udaipur, Ranthamborel, Pushkar and Ajmer into my weekends. (Dear Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer, see you when I have a DSLR).
  • Which brings me to DSLRs. I was saving for a DSLR since I got my first salary. But wanderlust got the  better of me. A DSLR is still very much on cards(especially after I felt (apologies for the sexual overtones and the nested braces) @pathfyynder’s Canon EOS 450 D. Oooh.) On a totally unrelated note, I am still at a loss of arguments when it comes to justify the need of DSLR, any help on that front will be uber-appreciated.

(Ah! Sunshine)

  • Weekends are precious and I’ve wasted two of them. On Kites and Rajneeti. Prakash Jha and Rakesh Roshan, where ever you are, you’ll suffer from a terrible hiccup right about now. *waves wand* I’ll write detailed reviews if possible, going through the nightmares again is a dreadful thought and I have too many dreadful things on my to-do list at the moment.
  • To quickly wrap this, God’s obsession with throwing me to places that end in ‘Pur’ has ended. Chennai(or Madras – I love the sound of it), here I come.
  • Also, I am supposed to fly for the first time on 15th of this month. I hope everything goes well and I don’t end up becoming ‘Breaking News’ on India TV. *crosses fingers*

With that we come to the end of this broadcast. Thank you for your ears and medulla oblongatas.

*And my bladder tells me, this train needs more toilets.*

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