The cheese is back

October 13, 2011 at 5:22 am | Posted in Bhery Phunny | 1 Comment

Dear Readers/Subscribers/Random people who visit TGAT,

I’ve decided to revive this blog.

There are time when I feel like posting something to but refrain from it. A poem or a rant, something too personal or too irrelevant.   This blog will serve as a graveyard for those thoughts. They’ll be buried deep within the pages of this blog.

You can expect anything and everything to land on this blog and more often than necessary, that material won’t be worth your attention.

If you subscribe to this blog, I’d suggest you reconsider your subscription. I am not sure as to what direction this blog will now take and I think it is fair enough to warn you about the same.


– Tantanoo


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