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Here is a quick poll to save this blog from the drought of posts. We’ll call it a Quickie.


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  1. lol at the options 😀

  2. What. Was the point of the poll? (Damn.. almost spelt it pole!)

    • There is no point. *makes a Keanu Reeves expression*

  3. All that glitters, makes you blind.

  4. LOL!

    Tantanoo, pliss to write another post soon.

  5. Why are things glittering?

  6. ROFL!!!!

  7. Hahahaha… i am still laughing out loud. And Divide and Fool is so amazing… i cannot believe it. it is so so hilariously funny… 😀

    After a very long time a wittiness thats quirky and droll and so original.

    Please keep writing. 🙂

  8. har chamakti cheez sona nahi hoti, oops “Bappi Lehari” nahi hoti

  9. Dude… long time no blog?

  10. 156 Votes? Damn, Bappi da is popular.

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