Wah Sunil Babu..!

February 2, 2010 at 5:49 am | Posted in New beginnings | 13 Comments
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Wah Sunil babu…

Naya ghar… Nayi gaadi… Nayi Mrs.

Badiya hai..

Well, Sunil Babu isn’t the only one who’s getting new stuff. This blog got a new template today. *belated drumroll*



  • The festival season is around and this blog often behaves like a pestering kid
  • Lists look better than they did in the last template
  • Block quotes look much better too
  • This has a custom header so I can do some photoshop-fu once in a while
  • and it’s Free.. *muft muft muft echo in the background*

The previous template was nice to me and this blog. *pats on the CSS* But like all good things in life(like clearance sales and a pack of Hide and Seek biscuits), our friendship had to come to an end. It will be missed. *sniff*

Comments on the new design are welcome. I’ll be making more changes here and there(like the banner for Comicry and the Blogroll, so your suggestions are also welcome). Since I am in a welcoming mood, cash donations of all sorts are welcome too.


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  1. White is anyday better for eyes!! Good theme and even better way to introduce a new theme 🙂

    • Thanks. Fokat ke templates mein this was a good alternative.

  2. First to comment – jai ho…Jokes apart it looks neat ..looks like this sundar susheel kanya bringing tea and biscuit for a prospective groom.

    • Haha.. Sundar, Susheel aur Tikau! Ftw!

  3. very good, waah kya ishtyle hai nayi theme introduce karne ka, good idea 🙂 kahan se laate ho itne acche ideas??
    upar right corner wala cartoon accha hai, BTW maine bhi theme change kiya, aur mujhe bhi introduce karna hai 😛
    good one

    • Haha.. and to think that minutes after this post the #iconicindianads hashtag was born and all over my timeline *in a not so good way*

      Try introducing a theme change by a post.. like this ya better.. 🙂


      • hhmm but i cant think like you no, aap sab log bahaut accha likhte ho, humare paas itna dimag nahi hai 🙂

  4. Me liketh! Esp. muft muft muft :D.

    Hmmm… all these template changing happening around is making me think I should change mine too. The only thing that keeps me away from it is the sheer headache in making sure wordpress.com widgets behave after the template change. Aaaah, chuck it. If I get to see one more blog changing skin, then I’ll rush and do mine.

    • Thanks! *muft muft muft fading* Your template is fine me thinks.. I did it because I wanted a custom header. Badly. And I wanted to add a new page – Blogroll – there wasn’t any space to do that in the previous template.
      Also there are hardly any muft templates which suit my needs, this one was really close to my expectations. Let us see junta’s reaction to this change.

  5. The blog looks great… but I did not see the last template so can’t compare 🙂 All I can say is ‘Badiya hai!’ 🙂

    • “Aap aaye humare blog pe, khuda ki rehmat hai, kabhi hum iss comment ko, kabhi apne blog template ko dekhte hain..”

      *imaginary wah wahs in the background*

      Well, this was the cheesiest reply that came to my mind. So apologies.. 🙂

      The last template was all green and grassy.. looked good but I desperately wanted a custom header.. so changed it!

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Haha. Especially, the Blockquote looks awesome! And the font, is super duper #win !

    • Yes, the blockquotes are #win. So is the font. More awesomeness to follow. 😀

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