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Parallel lines

We meet, you and me,
Like parallel lines,
Affectionate yet envious,
Patient yet restless,

We meet, you and me,
Like dots on a puzzle,
Fractured yet complete,
Trivial yet precious,

We meet, you and me,
Like wild colours on a wall,
Congruent yet unique,
Vivid yet peaceful

We meet, you and me,
Like ripples in a pool,
Momentary yet immortal
Perfect yet flawed

We meet, you and me,
In life and in death,
In music and in song,
In dreams and in nightmares
In flowers and in storms
In the mind and in the heart,
We meet, you and me,
And then we part

Image courtesy: Dragon Artz Designs


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  1. ah ha! now that’s a poem! simple, to the point, no running around trees with hidden meaning, and it says what it has to say.



    • Thanks nothingman! but I’d say this poem is confused. It is not sad and it is not joyous either. But then, poems are complex people.

  2. B.E.A.U.T.I.ful……its awesome….!!!!

  3. Hello,
    Wonderful poetry.
    Tito Dutta.

  4. It is lovely… *stands and applauds* What a flow! and the pic is bang on! 😀

  5. loved the poem. i hate it when people who love, part. that sucks.
    that’s when despite everything negative about it, i believe in the institution of marriage.

  6. […] thanks to this poem, this blog tends to attract a lot of mathematical queries. Like […]

  7. this was amazing. even i wrote something similar once:

    even the greatest of love is but small
    for time is the mightiest of all
    with time, change even the most loving of hearts
    and if not that, death does them part.

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