Daddy, Buy me a valentine!

August 31, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Unsuccessful Poems | 5 Comments
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I had a lot of trouble with
The last one you bought…
He cared, he wept – the sensitive one,
love is forever he thought…

Reality roars, Illusions whine
Daddy, Buy me a Valentine

I was hurt, you know,
I want to pass the pain…
I think I am ready, Daddy,
Ready to love again…

Something will break but everything will be fine
Daddy, Buy me a valentine…

There will be many,
Money is always sweet…
They’ll write letters, send flowers,
I trick them, they’ll treat…

You always said, the whole world is mine
Daddy, Buy me a Valentine

I want to take a plunge
Am ready for another fall…
I am craving again, badly
I want to try them all…

Sometimes, even lust feels so divine
Daddy, Buy me a valentine


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  1. Hmm! Interesting.. actually.. wow! What inspired this?

  2. @Saurabh: Hmm.. nothing in particular.. composed this one way back while driving.. you know.. those random lines which suddenly make sense.. 🙂

  3. Really good!
    You are original and different!

  4. @Crime_master_gogo: Thanks Gogoji! 🙂

  5. This is pretty good.
    -thumbs up-
    it’s not unsuccessful. 😛

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