Happy Independence Day

August 14, 2009 at 6:37 pm | Posted in New beginnings, Random Rants | 4 Comments
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Where the mind is full of hatred and communal bias
Still shamelessly the head is held high
Where knowledge is free, but quality education is the candy of the rich
Where the world has been broken up into fragments
and each state divided by narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the mouth to abuse or instigate violence
Where society stretches its arms towards corruption
And the clear stream of reason has lost its way
Into the dreary quicksand of politics and personal gain
Where the masses are led forward into internal rife, poverty and pain
From that Heaven of Discord, my Father, let my country refrain.


(Sorry about this, Rabindranath Tagore)


And on this independence day, I wonder whether this freedom is meaningful, whether this independence day is actually ‘Happy’..? Is the fact – that there haven’t been any terror attacks lately – enough to feel secure..? Isn’t the internal rife killing us faster than a war would have? Do we remember only the freedom fighters on this day… or the numerous others who have died in making this nation strong, financially or other wise..? and are we as strong as we claim to be..?

What does independence mean for all of us..? for me..? for you..? for the person who is dying from hunger..?

And as I ponder, people are waiting for me at the dinner table. And once I have eaten my food the thought of a cosy bedroom, a safe home, a comfortable life, a strong nation….. will take my attention away from the ‘real’ issues… from reality itself.. and life will continue for another year… and another… and we’ll continue wishing each other.. a ‘Happy’ Independence Day….!

Or will we..?


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  1. ahem…. http://twitter.com/navinpai/status/3313066071 …I so completely agree with your post!!

    Independence day has now more or less been reduced to mere tokenism by loads of people ( and to a mere holiday by a whole load of others)…the underlying problems still persist, but we simply prefer to adopt the “I can’t see U implies you can’t see me” philosophy and try to ignore the root problems….this somehow brings to mind the saying tht a certain afro-american lawyer had said bout a certain other Alaskan hockey mom :”You put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig”

  2. Well, these are just question I ask while being cynical. Ofcourse it is wrong to doubt a country’s hope for a miracle.

    There is another quote that says that paint a donkey with sandal paste and it will still roll in dust.

    But its never too late, is it?

  3. Depends upon perceptions. The country is progressing..slowly..but yes it is. The question is what are we, the people who have all the amenities all the luxuries, are doing for the country? Are we trying to create the Change which the country needs?
    How many of us, who are educated, dont give bribes or stop people from taking it?
    How many of us, impart education to the uneducated?
    How many of us spit on the road and throw garbage anywhere and eveywhere?
    The nation needs us and once we prove our worth, m sure the independence day would be a happy one.
    Jai hind!

  4. i agree with Sid

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