Yahan bhi hai, Wahan bhi.!

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With all the India-Pakistan hashtagging, quote sharing and quizzing going on Twitter(so much so that a ritual like follow friday is ignored bigtime) – I wanted to share what I feel is the most subtle comparison between the two countries. Nida Fazli(who wrote the lyrics of several Jagjit Singh songs) penned these thoughts after a visit to Pakistan – a country he had to leave at the time of the partition. If this piece can change the way you think about Pakistan, it will be worth the effort posting it. Here it goes.

Insaan mein Haivaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi,

Allah Nigahbaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi…

Khunkhaaar Darindon ke

Fakat naam alag hain,

Shehron mein bayabaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi…

Rehmaan ki kudrat ho

ya bhagwaan ki murat,

Har khel ka maidaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi…

Hindu bhi maze mein hai

Musalmaan bhi maze mein,

Insaan pareshaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi…

Uthta hai dil-o-jaan se

Dhuaan dono taraf hi,

Yeh ‘Meer’ ka deewaan

yahan bhi hai wahan bhi…

– Nida Fazli

And another one of my favorites, by Nida Fazli.

Woh sufi ka kaul ho, ya pandit ka gyaan,

Jitni beete aap par, utna hi sach maan..

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  1. Ahh i missed twitter on such important day 😦 nice poem.

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