Mercy Killing

July 30, 2009 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Fick-shun, Random Rants | 1 Comment
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He looked into her eyes and it happened. It always happened that way. And it unnerved him. It felt as if she could see through him – his deepest secrets. his darkest desires, the love that he had for her, his insecurities, his fears – He felt naked. He felt lost in her gaze. Her gaze always intimated him, it asked him questions he couldn’t answer.

And he loved her for that. Loved her for her aura, for her presence, for her beauty, for the truth she held in her heart, the sincerity that screamed in her words. He loved the challenge that she was, but he knew this had to end. And it was time it did.

So he handed her the piece of paper he was so tempted to burn away. “Your eyesight is perfect, you won’t need my services anymore!” – He smiled as she took that paper and left the room. And in that moment he killed himself again.

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  1. Oh u know one should always go for regular check ups!! 😉

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