Grief is all I can give…

July 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Random Rants, Unsuccessful Poems | 4 Comments
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You try seeing in my eyes,
your dreams materialize,
a home, kids, some love, security,
but Grief is all I can give…

You hold my hands
and try to feel,
a warmth that isn’t real,
No, care isn’t there too,
For Grief is all I can give…

As you listen to my heartbeat,
trying to hear your name,
and the music of resonating joy,
Still… Grief is all I can give you…

Leave before its too late,
for the broken heart
you may blame your fate,
you may blame me, curse me
you will cry,
but you’ll forget this
Let the tears dry,

Please leave before its too late,
Leave and we’ll live,
for Death and Love do both believe,
You will forget
but you won’t forgive,
‘Cause Grief was all I could give…


(I don’t know to whom the pic above belongs, but I love it. If its yours, claim credit. You deserve it. Because it is lovely. Because the man and the tree are lonely. The sadness speaks in silent words.)


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  1. ” warmth that isnt real…. ”

    heart wrenching is the only word i can come up with… didnt know u were a poet

  2. Nice poem!

  3. For you
    I sit waiting
    beneath the tree
    the clouds all dark and lonely
    keep me company.
    The waters’ edge
    the waves lap out
    a tireless song
    surge n ebb, ebb n surge
    waiting , watching, hoping
    alone i sit
    head cradled in my arms
    the twilight hushes
    the birds last song
    the leaves rustle
    and whisper along
    waiting, watching, hoping
    head cradled in my arms
    till the sun drops out of sight
    the clouds drift along.

    leaving me lonely
    alone with my song!

  4. Its beautiful. Thankfully the ‘grief is all i can give’ bit it changes when you find the right person. It is astonishing, astounding, confounding, and feels unreal after so long. but yes. it happens. and yes, it changes the way you feel. if you want it. and if you let it.

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