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After being inspired infinitely by the works and words of:

here is my little attempt at making a comic. Special thanks to Toondo for making this easy though I hope you were easier to use..!
There isn’t any humor in this – just the cold blooded fact, the frail nature of our internal security. If you find this offensive in any manner, please report it in the text box and I’ll see what I can do about it.
P.S.: My blog template isn’t comfortable enough for this, I suppose, so kindly bear with me. One day when I become as creative as  thecomicprojectflyyoufools, brainstuck or meerasapra– maybe then I’ll have a comic page of my own.. 😛
Just in case you think I am trying to make fun of the situation – I am not – this came out of this blog post I wrote elsewhere –
Often on any friend’s or acquaintance’s birthday, ‘Have a blast’ used to be a part of the birthday greetings.. But of late, this greeting makes me increasingly perturbed.. With bomb blasts taking place all around the country – Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Malegaon, Varanasi, Assam – I wonder if this saying remains a greeting anymore..

For me it was very hard to imagine that someone can blow off people at Lumbini park or the Jama masjid in Hyderabad, where I had been an unsuspecting tourist an year ago.. These incidents brings the irony of Kashmiri people to fore, where terrorism and bomb blasts are a part of their daily routine..

When I heard of the serial bomb blasts in Delhi or in Varanasi, the first reaction was to call members of the family, to ensure their well-being.. So as long as I don’t hear my sister’s voice on the cellphone, who just escaped the Connaught Place blast by minutes, I’ll be disturbed..

India like many countries, big and small, is gripped by terrorism. But what is disturbing here is that in the absence of a strong central intelligence organization, and constant bickering and bureaucratic influence in the one that exist, Explosions have taken an almost casual appearance.. Every now and then a city blows up, people die, people survive, sketches are made, theories are formed, press conferences held, suspects arrested and the trials continue.. All this amounts to zero, even Newspapers and TV channels forget in the course of time.. Until another blast and then another..

Still if you find it ‘sick’ or otherwise – tell me about it – and I’ll delete it.

by shantanuadhicary | Create your own Cartoon at www.toondoo.com


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  1. Like the concept behind this one: “Having a Blast, but not this kind”. Some might find the choice of location offensive, but that’s normal.

    Would love to see you aim for the Flyyoufools style of humour (edgy, giving a damn to political correctness), or that fantastic piece on Baba Ramdev by Meera Sapra.

    More please 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment! I wanted to mention that tweet of yours nudging me to make a comic but somehow didn’t. And then you say ‘more please’ and that’s enough inspiration for another comic.. 🙂
    I love Fly you Fools in the face comics.. and his style is amazing. as of now I doodle anything that comes to my mind.. but maybe down the line I have a style of my own.. 😀

    And that Baba Ramdeo one is awesome!!

  3. Oh you sick puppy, you! Making fun of terrorist attacks… You’ll invite the wrath of the moral police upon you!

    Why not start a new blog exclusive to comics? Might also want to join the Facebook group of Indian Webcomic Makers (and future makers) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=104940802830

  4. Whoa..! Look who’s talking? 😀

    Damn! One comic and everybody is telling the sick puppy to make a comic blog..! All in good time buddies!

    And the Facebook club has been joined! 🙂

  5. What the well wishers mean is: Since you already have such a sick mind, it’ll be better utilized on a web comic. Obviously we want to see more comics involving political incorrectness and shock value.

    Incest anyone?

  6. I’d leave the nasty things(read: incest) to you! Me the goody boy..! 😉

    Political Incorrectness is the way to go!!! Land ahoy! More comics coming up soon.. (infact on one already) 😀

  7. good one 🙂

  8. @Reema: Thanks.. You can check them all out here – http://comicgiri.blogspot.com

  9. http://sree9898blog.blogspot.com/2008/03/excerpts-from-arun-shouries-falling.html

    wud like 2 know ur opinion 🙂

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