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My bad..

The pic of the metro bridge collapse that I used for this poem of mine – http://shantanuadhicary.com/blog/2009/07/girna-kudrat-ka-neeyam-hai-metro-bridge-collapse-poem/

– doesn’t refer to the Gammon India Incident. It is the pic of another accident that happend in October 2008.

Someone who works with the company who had the contract at the time this incident happened, called in to report the error and shared with me, his feelings on the accidents, both this one and the recent one.

I learnt that the DMRC is very strict on contractors who are responsible for such accidents and they never get a chance to work for DMRC again. He also shared the immense grief that he felt because sometimes, they also lose their workers in such accidents.

This particular one was due to a fault in the machinery and he can still recall the horror. The recent incident also happened on a sunday and so he was deeply moved, and to some extent offended by what I wrote.

I must clarify that my post expresses my resentment at corporations not owing up their responisibilities for their faults and that how easily are they let off, paying off their responsibility and the loss of human life.

However, the two incidents are unrelated. I apologize for the mistake and I stand corrected.

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