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June 30, 2009 at 2:44 pm | Posted in New beginnings | 3 Comments
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I’ve been hibernating(or aestivating rather) and as usual, like my girlfriend, this blog also felt neglected. But not any more! Thankfully Dell and Reliance came together to give me a laptop+wireless internet superpower and I am back to saving the world! Yanna rascala mind it~!

While I’ve been away a lot of things have happened:

  • Michael Jackson is dead: and India TV and all its conspiracy smelling brother channels are going mad about it. I loved Mj’s music, no one can redo a Heal the World or They don’t care about us. He was a weird guy with weird habits but that had nothing to do with his musical genius and pelvic thrusts. So he moonwalked into heaven and I hope people stop nose-digging into his life and its secrets.

  • Wolverine and Angels and Demons were released and I missed them both. Some other time Hugh.. some other time..
  • My results were declared. I am now an engineer with Distinction. So I am a distinct engineer now.
  • I was rendered ‘jobless’ as TCS is shying away from telling me when will it call me.
  • India lost the T20 World Cup and Pakistan won. Its good for the good of the game. We have been seeing too much of T20 and now please bring some ODIs back. I am tired of all the big hitting and the cheer girls. I now feel that India will never be the dominating force that Australia was. Too sad but who cares!
  • BJP lost and how! I think Congress will do a good job and yeah, someone tell Advaniji, leave blogging to the good people. Keep your agenda to loud speakers only.
  • Lalu Yadav lost the railway ministry and Mamta Banerjee got it by some arm twisting. I HATE this development. Though she is a bong, I have no respect for people who have no respect for development. God save the indian railways.

  • Kapil Sibal says no to 10th exams. Though I am not sure how people will take this, I am glad that Arjun ‘Minority’ Singh has his hands away from the education ministry.
  • I moved out of Nagpur and returned to Kanpur – the city of power cuts. Life without friends is difficult and that without electricity is even more so. But now that I have an internet connection and a laptop that really gives me 3 hours of backup, Life is beautiful again.

Land ahoy~!

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