Arun Minority Singh!

April 27, 2009 at 7:26 am | Posted in Unsuccessful Poems | 2 Comments
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As my exams try to push me and this blog down – here is a poem I wrote for Youth for Equality way back. Till I get time to write better things, chew on this:

Arjun Minority Singh(inspired by Abou Ben Adham)

Arjun Minority Singh (may his tribe decrease)
Awoke one night from a dream of minority appease
And saw in the fading light of his political doom
A 27% reservation could make his dying career bloom

A move resented by wise men young and old
But corrupt political support had made Mr. Singh bold
“What doest thou?” all shocked students said
Arjun Minority Singh shamefully nodded his head

With a look complete with political distort
He said “ To whatever ways you retort
The Parliament has given this bill a go”
But the students refused, “ It can’t be so,

Another Mandal we would never allow
We’ll stop your evil designs, let us show you how
No students, No engineers, No Doctors saving lives
Let us see how long this government survives

We wonder why don’t you politicians yield
To a 50% reservation in the political field”
And when all the politicians also faced the reservation test
lo! Arjun Singh too was left out with the rest !!

( A take off from the famous poem – Abou Ben Adhem – Read it here.)


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  1. Haha.. good one.. Hey I have tagged u here:

    Hope u will complete it whenever u find time… have fun!

  2. […] Mr. Sibbal(and I find him very very promising, better than Arjun ‘Minority’ Singh ofcourse) as of now, we don’t need a central board exam. There are bigger things to look […]

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