Indian Railways special: Traveling with a kid guide!

April 10, 2009 at 5:32 am | Posted in 10 pointers | 1 Comment
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Here are 10 things to remember in case you are traveling with the Indian Railways(especially in the Sleeper Coaches – the non-AC ones) and there is a kid in the compartment –

  1. Play with the kid but keep your glasses, mobile phone and your keys out of his/her reach.. also keep that book you JUST bought out of their reach.. Kids just LOVE books and not because they like to read them.. but because tearing pages sounds so much fun..!
  2. Keep water and napkins around – kids love to smear all kinds of things..
  3. If you happen to click their photos – be prepared to have your mobile phone snatched by their parents.
  4. Have your snacks and food when the kid is looking away or sleeping, to prevent being stared at with hungry, cute eyes..!
  5. Be ready to launch a quest for your shoes/slippers -kids love to run away with them!
  6. Be prepared to tolerate his/her Mom/Dad’s thrashing up the kid for messing with your stuff – when they didn’t prevent kid from doing it in the first place. Or be prepared to fight with them to spare the rod and spoil the kid.!
  7. Get ready for nocturnal or early morning visits to your berth – kids love to play hide and seek when you are trying desperately to catch some sleep..!
  8. Be prepared to wake up just when you dozed off – kids cry at odd hours and for odd reasons!
  9. Be ready for all sorts of noises, smells and sights.. ALL.!
  10. Have a pen and paper ready to jot down the adventure(or your mobile/PDA/laptop/whatever!)

Disclaimer: Let it be known that I simply adore kids… and this post is written in good, genuine humor, after traveling in the vicinity of one of the naughtiest kids I had ever seen..!

In the course of composing this post, my wallet and comb disappeared from my jeans, and I would not have noticed it till the wallet in the kid’s hand seemed vaguely familiar!

And here is the pic of one of the cutest kids I met on one of my journeys –

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  1. Awesome…….This is the place where Real Shantanu comes to surface……Keep writing this kinda posts….
    I am kinda stump these days while reading one of the figure of speech that you use frequently….

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