The Gtalk Rule Book

April 6, 2009 at 5:27 pm | Posted in 10 pointers | 4 Comments
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Here is an unofficial guide to chatting on Gtalk… This has been compiled mostly from my misdemeanors…

1. Never ask general questions like What’s up? Kya shuru hai..? How’s life…? – Ask specific questions – How’s your girlfriend doing..? That neighbour’s chick is still unmarried..? and so on..

2. Don’t rely on status messages – Most people lift them – those who don’t are too intelligent to talk to..

3. A Busy status doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person is busy – it might mean he/she is too lazy to change the status message

4. Don’t do anything creative while chatting – you’ll end up deleting that blog post you were so passionately writing..!

5. There is no invisible button – you have to check out Gmail chat plugin to go invisible..!

6. Murphy’s law of Gtalk – the people you want to desperately talk to, will come online 5 minutes before you are about to leave…

7. Not matter what happens – It will always be a BETA version..!

8. People will still bother you even after you say good night and don’t log off.. there are always things left to be said..

9. Never judge a friend by his spellings – remember, there is no spell check in gtalk…

10. The best way to spread a rumor is to put it as your Gtalk status. Ladies, take note.

(Haven’t heard of Gtalk, You must be joking – try this)
P.S.: Point no. 7 inspired by some ‘Gtalk conversations’ with Narayanan Hariharan –


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  1. I’m sure you mean Point 8 and not Point 7 šŸ˜€

  2. Hey just came across ur blog.. liked ur writing.. this post was too humorous..Keep blogging

  3. @AvadaKedavra:

    Thanks for passing by(hoping that you’ll keep doing that).. I paid your blog a visit and its amazing..

    @Krishna: Oops..yeah.. point 8.. šŸ˜€

  4. you can also find some extra features on the labs version of other Google products which allows you to make yourself invisible but it does not always override the gtalk client software if you have that installed

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