Arun Minority Singh!

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As my exams try to push me and this blog down – here is a poem I wrote for Youth for Equality way back. Till I get time to write better things, chew on this:

Arjun Minority Singh(inspired by Abou Ben Adham)

Arjun Minority Singh (may his tribe decrease)
Awoke one night from a dream of minority appease
And saw in the fading light of his political doom
A 27% reservation could make his dying career bloom

A move resented by wise men young and old
But corrupt political support had made Mr. Singh bold
“What doest thou?” all shocked students said
Arjun Minority Singh shamefully nodded his head

With a look complete with political distort
He said “ To whatever ways you retort
The Parliament has given this bill a go”
But the students refused, “ It can’t be so,

Another Mandal we would never allow
We’ll stop your evil designs, let us show you how
No students, No engineers, No Doctors saving lives
Let us see how long this government survives

We wonder why don’t you politicians yield
To a 50% reservation in the political field”
And when all the politicians also faced the reservation test
lo! Arjun Singh too was left out with the rest !!

( A take off from the famous poem – Abou Ben Adhem – Read it here.)

Shubho Nabo Borsho

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A very happy new year to Bengalis all over the globe: Shubho Nabo Borsho…

And belated wishes for Vishu, Bihu and Baisakhi!!!!



Many Happy Returns of the Day

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Ques. What is worse than having an exam on your birthday?

Ans. Having an exam on the next day!

If you are an arian, born somewhere in late march – early april, you’ll understand my plight. I had my ‘Engineering Economy and Cost Control’ paper on the 4th of April, while third being the d-day or rather b-day.

When you are a 20-something soon-to-be engineer, birthdays become a big deal. For friends it can mean booze or chicken tandoori, for your girlfriend it could mean a candle light dinner, choosing a birthday card or planning a surprise, for your parents it could mean another huge bank withdrawal – it could mean different things to different people.

But when you have an accounts-cum-financial management paper the next day, you’ll be too busy to notice the above. One part of me was trying to understand ‘Financial Ratios’ and ‘Credit-the-duh-debit-the-what-the-fuck’ fundas, another part of me was trying to reply to birthday calls and messages.

And then you get a birthday message saying:

Many happy returns of the day!

and suddenly you are reminded of all the internal, external, attractive, unattractive, stupid rates of returns, and you realize that you might flunk in your paper tomorrow, in the last semester. There goes the birthday spirit out of the window.

But to your relief you have friends who’ll:

  • Plan to call you up at six in the morning(when you aren’t just asleep, you can as well be called dead)
  • Change the surprise plan when the first one is accidently busted
  • Come over to your place at eight in the morning(when you are just about to recover from your slumber for that extra hour of beauty sleep)and ask your guardians whether they can blow some crackers in the neighbourhood(hoping to wake me up)
  • Get a cake with your nickname(read: Baba B – don’t ask what the B stands for) – so that your guardians keep asking every now and then what the B stands for and you have to avoid them for the rest of the month
  • Smash that half kg chocolate cake on your face!
  • Wish that they should have bought a one kg one – so that they could have smashed it twice
  • Laugh in your face as you wash the cake and the cream off and take pictures of the disaster

Here is the evidence of the apathy(I’ve been finalized for lead role in Ramsay Brother’s next)

But then what’s a birthday without friends, cakes and lots of surprises! and an accounts paper.. 😀

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